NovaTrio is an open-ended ensemble with a focus on classical/contemporary music and new media. Unlike traditional trio which consists of three fixed musicians, NovaTrio is composed of three fluid criterion (as illustrated in a variation of the logo):

musician + artist (from various media) + technology

Rather than a trademark of any individual entity, NovaTrio is a manifesto of new approaches towards classical/contemporary music and performance with various art forms. It is open to musicians, performers, artists, designers and technology in any form of configuration. NovaTrio attempts to derive the spirit from Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk ("total work of art") into a micronized contemporary sense, thus to bring new dimensions to the performance of whether a 300 year old Bach or a 21st century work-in-progress.

is not...
NovaTrio is not primarily concerned with such genre as music visualizer, VJ culture, music video, nor is it particularly interested in projecting solid and finished media, such as a video as a "multimedia" addition to accompany live performance. It tries NOT to add another layer of medialization onto music, but to conform multiple genres into one fluid live ensemble form, which embodies an integrated, indeterminate and in-replicatable experience. NovaTrio is not an extension of any existing form, it is not classical music performance; it is not media installation; it is actually something we try not to define at this point. Like a new born baby, it does not belong to his/her father or mother, NovaTrio belongs to the family of novelty and makes every effort to open a fresh window of that world. However, NovaTrio has no intention to prevent itself from generating side products of what it is not meant to be, nor to restrict how people perceive them.

These three criterion of NovaTrio, mutate and response to each other like living cells in tune with a total experience. The interpretation from the music performers together with their physical gestures, biological expressions, and the resulting sonic features could all be utilized to activate a reactive media system in a networked environment, which may involve any type of art and design including graphic, motion, programming, physical computing and architectural space, as well as NovaTrio‚Äôs published philosophy and methodology in gestural visual music, which is termed as "post-conducting". In NovaTrio, musician and artists collaborate on design of a unique system for each specific repertoire. The process is as considerate and detail as music interpretation itself. However, each system could be re-configured to generated different content within a consistent form. It never repeats itself and never has a finished format. It could be refined to mutate to a new/advanced structure towards the same or different repertoire.