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Waves From Memory No.2, 2010 + Chopin:Ballade No.3 Op.47, 1841

Chopin's 3rd ballade is usually claimed to be inspired by Adam Mickiewicz's poem Undine. Whether it is true or not, the piece seems to tell a story through wavelike structure from whether the progression of the music flow or the sonic texture. It is natural to imagine a thin layer of waves comes from the distant, floating in the sky, and flying away as the resonance of the each notes fades away. What is more, the waves listen to the music and morphing itself alone the progression. Finally the very material that composes the waves is a novel by Virginia Woolf, which has a same name as "The Waves".



piano, Bing Shen
reactive media, Yan Da
venue: Greenfield Hall, Manhattan School of Music
date: 2010-09- 30