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Bing Smashing on "Mozart", 2010 + Sessions:Five Pieces for Piano(I-III), 1974

I. Lento
II. Con fuoco
III. Andante, leggero e grazioso

To echo Sessions’ piano pieces written in strict 12 tone form, the visual actually derives from the name of "Mozart " who was in fact among the first to apply this “new” technique in music composition. Mozart’s name appears as 3D letters being deconstructed in real-time by the finger-hand gesture of the pianist, who is captured through a gesture recognition system mounted on the side of the keyboard. It seems that the pianist is injecting Sessions avant-garde spirit onto the very nerves of Mozart. Meanwhile, this captured gestural imagery is abstracted into the texture of the visual output to further enhance the embodiment.  Each of the three pieces evokes the same digital system with different parameters generating unique intensity and texture. At some moment of the performance, it projects all three videos containing captured raw gesture, enhanced gestural texture used to map onto the 3D name, and the resulting deconstructive imagery.


piano, Bing Shen
reactive media, Yan Da
venue: Greenfield Hall, Manhattan School of Music
date: 2010-09-30