NovaTrio is an open-ended ensemble with a focus on classical/contemporary music and new media. Unlike traditional trio which consists of three musicians, NovaTrio is composed of three fluid criterion (as illustrated in a variation of the logo):

musician + artist (from various media) + technology

Rather then a trademark of any individual entity, NovaTrio is a manifesto of new approaches towards classical/contemporary music and performance with various art forms. It is open to musicians, performers, artists, designers and technology in any form of configuration. NovaTrio attempts to derive the spirit from Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk ("total work of art") into a micronized contemporary sense, thus to bring new dimensions to the performance of whether a 300 year old Bach or a 21st century work-in-progress.

During the following demo, NovaTrio developed repertoire in an open configuration, which gets "feedback" from one performance and be updated to the next one.  The reactive media system is developed in Max/msp/jitter, processing and custom-made iPad interface, which could be simultaneously controlled by a performer who listens to the live performance and constantly adjusts the system parameters. NovaTrio is among the first in China who design and perform integrated reactive media in classical music recital. Those performance are featured on several leading media across China, including Xinmin News, Eastday, Wenhui News, Phoenix Network, and 

prisma @ inceptions
alma @ inceptions
humoresk @ beingLightened
multimedia vivaldi4seasons
multimedia vivaldi4seasons, midi parsing
dove @ beingLightened
metapoisis @ inceptions
dream images @ beingLightened
adagio @ beingLightened
wonderful willow @ inceptions
smashing on mozart
pollock improvising on debussy
choreographic line sketches
facade manhattan
chopin waves
fragments at bartok's gate